I worked closely with Shawn Maloney. He is very thorough, responsive and listens well! I feel much more prepared for the future thanks to Shawn.

Barry Lusk

Shawn and his team at Retire Wise are the best. Professional, knowledgeable and customer-focused.

Jamie Barwick

For anyone seeking guidance on retirement, Shawn is a great advisor. People can feel quite exposed discussing personal finances, more so trusting the quality of the advice. Shawn's commitment to educate and provide financial common sense is one of his most powerful traits. His personal empathy makes the journey more comfortable to navigate, as he helps you get on a path to your happy retirement.

Al Araque

I recently had the pleasure of working with Shawn from Retire Wise. Shawn, you’re the best! With Shawn’s exceptional knowledge, I was able to make the best financial decisions. He took the time to explain complex financial plans in easy-to-understand language. Shawn was very professional, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs and concerns. I would highly recommend Shawn and Retire Wise for any financial planning or advisory needs. I look forward to working with Shawn in the future. Thank you! Gail Bunn

Gail Bunn

My wife and I are so well pleased with the services and financial guidance we received planning our retirement. Shawn Maloney has a true passion for guiding and helping others with achieving their financial goals in life. He is sincere, honest and driven by His faith in Christ.

Greg Bailey

Our experience was wonderful. My husband and I never felt rushed. All of our questions were answered.

Stacy Fisher

Very customer focused!

Mike Dawson

Shawn and Retire Wise within just the first, you could call it introductory, day really made me feel comfortable and EASY to talk my finances and “fiscal fitness” (inside joke) which I’m not so quick to do with ANYONE out of embarrassment of where I’ve let things get to in my life. He simplified and dumbed it down (for my brain) where our journey would lead to getting myself back on track and where I want to be!!!

David M Russell

Shawn was patient with us as we asked questions. Thoroughly reviewed our current financial condition and goals and is the process of putting a plan together to help us meet our retirement goals. I look forward to partnering and working with Shawn throughout this process.

Stephen Nelson

Shawn is very organized, thorough, and personable and I am very comforted that he is helping guide my financial decisions. He has been great at individualizing a plan that works for me.

Sarah Standard

Shawn is very knowledgeable, attentive and detailed and uses a client centered approach. I highly recommend.

Bob Bartoldus

Shawn has been helpful in helping us re-establish consistent budget practices and helping us see the bigger financial picture. Highly recommend.

Jon Mitchell

Shawn was and continues to be amazing to deal with. He listens to our needs and helps lay out an achievable plan to meet those objectives. Highly recommend!

Jon Masterson

Shawn has gone above and beyond providing us with great information related to our retirement. He is very responsive.

April Barwick


My wife and I recently had the pleasure of working with Shawn from Retire Wise, and we can confidently say that he has been an extraordinary financial advisor for both of us. From the outset, Shawn displayed exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and a genuine interest in helping us achieve our joint financial goals. Shawn truly stands out because of his ability to explain complex financial concepts in simple, easy-to-understand language. He took the time to carefully analyze our combined financial situation and comprehend our long-term objectives. This personalized approach made us feel comfortable and confident in his recommendations. Moreover, Shawn demonstrated remarkable patience and attentiveness in addressing our concerns and questions. He ensured that both of us were on the same page and that our individual needs were being met. We appreciated his unbiased advice and tailored financial strategies, which have already yielded positive results. We wholeheartedly recommend Shawn and Retire Wise to any couple seeking a reliable and trustworthy financial advisor. His expertise, dedication, and personalized service have genuinely made a difference in our financial planning journey.