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The Priority of Retirement
National Bestseller

The Priority of Retirement

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Even though the word "retirement" is not found in many ancient texts, there is age-old wisdom that should be applied to your planning, combined with modern methods and techniques. Planning with the wisdom of the ages and weaving in modern and proven methods is prudent. Do you have all the correct aspects covered for your retirement? Shawn is a seasoned certified retirement planner and fiduciary who bases his counsel on principles that have proven effective over time. Yes, you need to save and grow your nest egg, but you also need to protect your nest egg and account for your "retirement why" in your planning. Everything Shawn teaches is built upon the unchanging wisdom of the ages-adapted and combined for modern times-and is easy to comprehend and apply. In this book you'll learn:

  • How to identify your Retirement Why
  • How to reduce retirement risks
  • How to plan for the critical drawn down phase of retirement planning
  • How to approach retirement income planning
  • How to navigate the three phases of retirement
  • How to apply the "Retire Happy FrameworkTM" to your plan
  • Why generosity leads to retirement happiness

You only have one chance to create a rewarding and fulfilling life. To enjoy it later requires that you plan for it properly now. Many times, the best way to think about the future is to learn from the past and adapt it to modern times. Shawn's approach helps you do just that. You'll better understand how to apply time-tested principles to your financial situation when you grasp The Priority of Retirement.